The #MakeoverMonday Challenge week 20 involved visualizing auto insurance rate in the US by State. The original viz was a radial chart created by


What works?

  • Title and subtitle are short and descriptive.
  • Design is visually attractive, related to the topic (circular chart, that resembles a wheel).
  • I liked the color palette.

What can be improved?

  • I did not get the distinction between full & minimum rate by looking at the chart, I thought it could be clarifying to add the explanation in the chart or as a hover in an interactive version.
  • Even though the circle is attractive, it is not as effective to compare between states, especially between states that are far apart in the wheel.
  • The full and minimum rates are distinct measures, but the chart gives the impression that they add up. It can be a little confusing.
  • My final solution was a dot-plot with the minimum and full rates encoded as circles joined together by a line. States are ordered by their rank number. And I added a map to reinforce the ranking, especially the 3 most expensive states.
  • This is my makeover: